Below are the BarreAmped® Requirements and Conditions for participating in any BarreAmped® Instructor Certification Program.

Please read thoroughly before activating your account.

  • I understand that with passing my BarreAmped® Bounce certification status, I am not certified in BarreAmped® or any of its offshoots: BarreAmped® Advanced, BarreAmped® Bootcamp, and BarreAmped® Fire. I also understand that I may not call my classes BarreAmped® Bounce unless I own or work for a licensed studio or club.
  • I acknowledge that I am in excellent physical and mental health before beginning this course and that I am participating at my own risk.
  • I understand that this certification uses a JumpSport® Fitness Trampoline with attached JumpSport® Handle Bar. Use of any other brand of fitness trampoline/rebounder has not been tested and could be potentially dangerous or life threatening.
  • I agree to indemnify and hold harmless BarreAmped® instructors, employees, trainers, agents, officers, directors and owners from all claims, damages or causes of action with regard to any personal injury, property damage, medical expenses or loss of services relating to my participation in this class.
  • I understand that all teaching materials, including but not limited to, manuals, DVDs and online videos used in the BarreAmped® certification course are the sole property of Seren Motus, LLC. Copying, photocopying, internet sharing, and recording is prohibited.
  • I understand that I will be active for one year of access until I pass whichever Level I have purchased.
  • I understand and agree that in order to use the name “BarreAmped®” in any format, including but not limited to advertising, media, internet, and teaching, I must enter into a License Agreement with Seren Motus, LLC. Receiving BarreAmped® certification does not entitle me to the name of “BarreAmped®” without a License Agreement.

  • By clicking the button you agree to bound by the requirements and conditions above.